Mrs Shagpile’s Cupboard

Mrs Shagpile's Cupboard

Mrs Shagpile invites you into her bargain ‘cupboard’ to see what she has in store to start you off with your christmas shopping …. lots of goodies!


Vintage tips from The Lady magazine

Written by Katy Pearson

“DON’T expect your husband to like anything new that you buy. Most men dislike all women’s buying on principle, and their wives’ dress purchases are considered particulary foolish.”

The Lady. Searching for the Perfect Interchangeables. 20th February, 1958

“Happily the modern woman knows that anything that interferes with her comfort and ease of movement will result in her lack of grace.”

The Lady magazine. Nature’s Sweet Restorer, 18th November 1920

“GIVEN a dainty jumper or blouse, the wearer can present herself at almost any table d’hote dinner and will not feel out of place”

The Lady. Holiday Kit. 12th July, 1928

“NO one nowadays makes the mistake of assuming that a summer wardrobe must consist entirely of flimsies”

The Lady. Plaids & Checks in Thin Wool. 14th June, 1934

“FEMININE clothes which spell comfort always seem to imply sloppiness and unbecomingness, if not downright untidiness.”

The Lady magazine. Far and Near. 20th August, 1903

“A GOOD leather hand-bag is a valuable present, and there is an unwritten law that a black one is vulgar, and a tan or fawn shade of cowhide is the only colour permissible.’

The Lady magazine. Visiting Accessories. 25th May, 1899

“DEEPLY-ROOTED is the idea that men are indifferent to dress, while the ladies, God bless them, think of nothing else”’

The Lady, With Prejudice, 8th January, 1942

“SOMEWHERE I was reading that no self-respecting woman would allow buttons on her skirts; I remembered this while I looked at the finest work England could put in these exquisite garments, and smiled.”

The Lady, Here and There, 16th July, 1896.

“WITH blouses, as with dresses, the secret of combining smarrtness with economy is not to have many at once. Plan them with great care, but good materials, and have them well made.”

The Lady. A Blouse for your Suit. 18th July, 1940

“CLOTHES are a woman’s form of art and should bring her joy. Even if she has only a limited amount of money to spend, that money should bring happiness into her life.”

The Lady. Dressing to a Type. 27th April, 1959